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Growing Older ... and Less

       posted on Thursday 01 Nov, 2018.

Today I woke in pain. Nothing like the morning after each of my knee replacements, nor the morning after my tonsils were removed, nor the morning after my appendix was taken out, nor the morning after my making baby parts were cut out. But, where there was a little pain yesterday morning, this morning it was definitely sore! More so than the morning after my left eye lens, then my right eye lens, and later one of my premolar teeth, were removed. And my cheek was swollen – I remembered my dentist struggling to remove the complex roots of my back molar – however, the taste of blood was mostly gone from my mouth now, thank heavens.

So, growing older … and less.

Yet, here I am, still alive at the age of 67. Still able to love. Still able to make a difference in ways that I care about. Earlier this week, sitting amongst so many young people at the Change the World day, I realised that I no longer have the energy or the current technical knowledge that they have. But I still care. A lot. I just have to make a difference with less resources than my younger self was blessed with. With 67 years of experience behind me — many failures and even more successes — perhaps this can fill the gap. I do hope so. I have so much to do yet — so many people to love and support, so many books to write and midwife into useful beings, so much to enjoy of our wonderful planet — that I have to make do … with less.

With profound thanks for this wonderful ongoing journey.


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