build resilience with kindness & purpose

Forthcoming Books to Inspire You

#resilience #kindness #purpose #adaptability

Time Leadership™: Making Friends with Your Time by Wendy Campbell.

Resilient Leadership™ Guidebook: Exploring Your Personal Journey of Leadership by Wendy Campbell.
Exclusively available to members of our Resilient Leadership™ Community, this thoughtfully crafted work will be the second reference for our Resilient Leadership™ Dialogues and Mentoring.

Star Knees: A New Hope after Two Full Knee Replacements by Wendy Campbell.

Really?: 1961, Book 2 of the “Snakes & Ladders in Ivory Towers” Series by Dr Pat Stevenson. Begun in Pat’s first book in this series — Enigma:1960 — enjoy the ongoing captivating story of PhD students Judith and Arthur as they navigate the complex world of Science in the 1960s.

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